Catching Up: Part II

So I guess a whole lot actually happened while I was sleeping/hibernating. First, after umpteen years and just one too many falls from the bed, or Bean stepping on her for the third time, the Old Girl just couldn’t take it anymore. In our modern lives, our computers are kind of like horses were to the old west- personal, and you wouldn’t ride someone else’s horse. Long live the Old Girl. She’s still kicking, but more as a museum piece, now…


We continued our General Conference tradition of breakfast for breakfast, lunch and dinner, much to the collective delight.


I started taking commissions again, and this one went out to the west coast a week or two ago. It feels good to be painting again.


We had Easter, and made some Pysanky eggs. The kids, despite appearances, did not wear their fuzzy ears into church.

IMG_1606 IMG_1627

Friends visited from out of town and across the nation… I’m along for the ride on some of these dinners- but I sure do know some cool people.


Bean got a heavy bag, and the energy and glee this boy takes in boxing is a kind of stunning. He’s received a lesson in proper punching technique, and I’ve learned how to wrap his hands (YouTube is very handy). He learned how to ride his bike, too- which for kids with sensory stuff, is a massive milestone. But he doesn’t stop moving long enough to get anything but a blur.


All three kids made honor role, and we went out to celebrate with frozen yogurt. This picture makes me silly happy.


We followed this car the other day, and now the kids are obsessed with coming up with a version for us…


5 thoughts on “Catching Up: Part II

  1. I had to laugh a Bean’s computer – and the lack of sharing. I completely understand…my computer is my computer.

    Happiness in the pictures!
    Love you!

  2. What a spectacular way to spend my evening – catching up on your catching up. Your kids are astounding (and so are you). Love the contentment in your words and the photos.

  3. I am a frequent reader, rare commenter. I am so glad that you are back from your blog-hiatus :-). I have missed reading. I am curious about one thing … and only answer if you want … what is happening with your studies in the greater DC area? I remember that your planned program changed but then I don’t recall anything after that (unless I missed it). I am rooting for you and your family and it seems like you are doing great!

  4. Hey Susan- I’ll be updating on that at some point. the tl:dr is that after my program changed, I had to make a choice- I was offered a spot in another program, but after agonizing over taking it, I opted to give up the spot and look for another option. I’m not currently in school, which is heartbreaking to me, and thrilling to my kids. They groan and wail every time I mention going back. I’m taking the GRE again to see if I can up my math scores, and then see what happens. In the meantime, I’m working as a writer (and making a living at it!).

    • Aw, thanks for the reply! It sounds like you have made the right choice for you and for now :-). It sounds like things are going well and I am so glad!

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