Mr. Tracy M.

weddinddayLadies and Gentlemen, Brothers and Sisters, assembled glitterati, paparazzi, fellow troglodytes, trolls and other shadow-lurking watchers of what has come to be known as the Bloggernaccle. I will now answer the burning question which has pervaded Tracy’s Facebook newsfeed – “Who is that guy?” Jack Kennedy once referred to himself as “the man who accompanied Jacqueline Bouvier to Paris”. In that fine fashion, allow me to introduce myself:

I am Mr. Tracy M.

There is a story behind how Tracy and I came to know each other and how it came to pass that we became husband and wife. Those of you who have followed the continuously unfolding story of the Dandelion Mama know that she has three beautiful and exceptionally unique children. To that family I bring two of my own for a grand total of (drumroll) five.

Yes. We really did decide to do this.

No. We’re not crazy. Well…not on most days and not usually at the same time.

So. Who am I? On paper I’m about the most typical Mormon guy you’ll ever meet. Eagle Scout. Returned Missionary (Brasil São Paulo North if you must know). BYU grad and a Masters or two- and everything that accompanies that experience. I had checked all the boxes and life was going according to The Plan.

Until it didn’t.

Just how much of that story will be told here remains to be seen. While Tracy is an open book about most everything, I am not. She is a far better story weaver than I am so I’ll leave it to her skillful prose to fill in any spaces that need filling.

So, there you have it, Dear Dandelion Readers. Tracy M. is officially off the market. Ain’t she just the most dazzlingly beautiful bride? Nah, I’m not biased at all. Just blessed.

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  1. I like this man! No need to be an open book if you don’t desire. But more writings, thoughts, and general wisdom from Mr. Tracy would be a most welcome read. Your newly expanded family is darling.

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