For Em, Wherever I Might Find Her

Golly, I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve never regretted writing candidly about hard things, and conscious writing has opened doors I would never have even found, let alone had the ability to turn the key. Sharing the painful and powerful parts of this years’ long journey has helped me deal with really hard things in healthy ways, and has enabled me to grow and have courage in places and ways I never imagined. It’s who I am.

Until Jon, I had not dated anyone seriously enough to let them meet my kids. You want terrifying? Introduce someone you really like to the three most important someones in your life. I knew almost immediately that this was something different. I decided to protect this tiny fledgling of a hope– not for public consumption. Not this time. It wasn’t just my three kids, who had been through so much, but he also has two children, and everyone needed to be handled with such care.

One of the things that drew us to each other is that his oldest and Bean have the same Aspergers diagnosis. I didn’t have to explain about Bean, or interpret or run interference with my peculiar kid- he totally got it, and he rolled with it. You want a direct line to the heart of an ASD mama? Love her weird kid. You want a guarantee? Have that weird kid totally love you. Bean, who seldom takes to anyone, would wait for him at the front window, running to jump into his arms when he’d push our gate open. Jeffrey and Abby were only slightly more reserved. I was melting, and quickly.


The thing about second chances and second marriages is, it’s a whole different animal than it was the first time around. You’re no longer dewy and star-crossed, naive and giddy. You know how hard it can be to make things work, how hard it is to raise kids, (particularly kids with special needs) and if you’re divorced, you know the pain and sorrow that goes with that severing, regardless of the certainty of your decision. You also appreciate things you may have taken for granted or not realized were important when you were younger. These were common ground.

Nothing about this journey has been fairy-tale or idyllic. There were ups and downs, and there were times I doubted everything. When you come out of the ashes of a terrible divorce, when you battle back to the light to stand on your own two feet, the idea of moving back into a space of trust peppered with mutual dependance can be terrifying. I knew I could continue on doing it by myself. It was safe. It was the known.

But I also knew ‘safe’ was a cop out. This man was everything I had ever dared hope for. I wasn’t capable of turning away— it was time to take a deep breath and say yes to life again.


So when he sent a dear friend to pick me up for a lunch date and she instead turned the car towards downtown, and when we walked towards the Lincoln Memorial and instead found a young man strumming an acoustic guitar, and when Jon walked across the footbridge and gently took my hands in his and knelt down, there was no other. I was looking love in the face. It was time to say yes.

All of that culminated last Wednesday when, with little fanfare, five kids, four friends, and our bishop, we were married. It was simple, small, and ridiculously happy. My family and friends adore him, and the love and support shown by his entire family not only to me, but to my children has made my heart burst with joy.


12 thoughts on “For Em, Wherever I Might Find Her

  1. Woot! You’ve still got it. Look at you, finding beautiful ways to say what you need to and to respect what you don’t. I envy that talent fiercely. And now, seeing that you’ve got your talent and your bliss…. I’m enjoying this expectation that you’re well prepared to deal with the rest of life, which will invariably be crazy difficult, but still, no match for you.

  2. Stories like this remind me that miracles happen, they really do. So very happy for you all.

  3. You don’t know me, but your story has greatly affected my life, especially as I now find myself slogging through the trenches of separation and impending divorce. Your story has fanned the flames of my hope for a brighter future. So very, very happy for you.

  4. Congratulations and best wishes from a longtime, lurking fan! I came to visit your blog after a long absence, wondering if you’d posted anything about recent events. What a delightful surprise to have my sadness dispelled by great happiness for you! I see joy in your faces, and wish you every happiness for the future!

  5. Tracy, this is such wonderful news. My heart is overflowing with happiness that is now leaking out my eyes and down my cheeks. Congratulations to you all.

  6. I’m comment other places, but I’m not sure if it ever have here. You gave me hope that I wasn’t the only crazy, random, willing to do what seems impossible, but committed to doing it. It tend to hinge read, when it need hope or have a sleepless night. It want you to know how happy in am for all of you. Belated congratulations! (It’s a little late for a wedding card, but it would love to send a Happy For You Just Because You Are Awesome card/package. If you are willing to share your address, please email me!)


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