Random Crap: Hodge Podge

So along with the whole Getting Married thing, I was also packing up our house in preparation for a move. And doing all the end of the school-year stuff with the kids- there were so many nights, up late with insomnia and packing boxes, I wanted to write. So here’s your Random Crap Catch It All Up post!


Pro-Tip: If you hit Walmart around midnight, they are restocking, and they will give you all the boxes you can take. If you’re nice, they will even load them in your car for you! For free!

Moving sucks. It seriously sucks. Even in my tiny two-bedroom townhouse, you wouldn’t believe the amount of stuff we’d managed to amass in less than two years. I donated piles of stuff, went through all the kids’ stuff and culled and sorted, and I still had more than I’d imaged. Gone are the days of packing it all in a Volkswagen and taking off… Mercifully, many boxes were never unpacked from the last move. Who needs great-grandma’s china and silver in a house so tiny we don’t have room for the regular dishes?

Behold, the chaos. I think I took this at about 2 am one night. So stinkin’ tired.


In a concerted effort to get my cleaning deposit back on my place, we spent two solid days cleaning, including shampooing the carpets. That’s above and beyond, right? The place was spotless when we left- and I’d always had good interactions with my landlords. They’re nice people. But now it appears they might like to keep my deposit. I’m waiting, and trying to be patient… but seriously? Look at the place!

IMG_1884 IMG_1883 IMG_1878 IMG_1886 IMG_1904 IMG_1902

The deposit is a lot of money to me, and I even washed all the curtains. The fridge looks new! I cannot fathom what else I could have done. Do landlords just look at the cleaning deposit as extra cash? Because I could really use it, and I kind of feel like it’s mine, and I fulfilled my part of the deal. I’m really hoping they refund it.

Along with all of this, Jeffrey had his end of the year Band Concert- he’s getting really good at the Baritone Tuba, and has taken to playing the Emperors Theme at random times, like maybe when Bean is in trouble, or we’re running late. It adds to the general ambiance of the home. When I’m not trying to be mad, it’s really funny.

In the middle of packing, Abby was conducting science experiments (but so help me, none of them left marks on the townhouse!) I would be throwing things in a box, and find something that looked like this:


To which, the following conversation would occur:

Me: Abby? What… is this?
Abby: It’s nothing mom, I’m trying to extract the iron from the cereal- I’ll be using magnet once it’s saturated.
Me: Um… oh.

Because that’s what everyone thinks of doing while in the midst of moving, right?


The day of the wedding (we made our bouquets ourselves) I found this beautiful Magnolia flower in my new neighbor’s yard. I left it on the tree, but it was too beautiful not to capture. The Virginia humidity may totally suck in the summer, but there are some upsides.

2 thoughts on “Random Crap: Hodge Podge

  1. Congratulations – kept thinking about your deposit and cannot help wondering what the laws are in your state regarding the return of the deposit. For example here in California, the property owner has 21 days to return the deposit and/or provide an itemized statement regarding deductions. Quick Google search for VA indicates they have up to 45 days and are required to pay interest if tenant was there over 13 months. Have youheard anything from your former landlord yet? And again, congratulations and best wishes for health and happiness to all 7 of you!

  2. Yes- just this morning. They refunded most of it, and let me know what the deductions were for. I’m comfortable with what they noted, and and am happy to be getting a check later this week.

    And thank you for thinking of me and for looking that up!

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