Make Myself a Sandwich


With five kids in four different schools, it’s been a hectic fall. Five back-to-school nights, two IEP meetings (so far) and a whole host of other things that could so easily crash into our homes and invade our time and space. Abby’s back-to-school night was last night, and Jon and I dutifully trekked off to sit in tiny chairs around small desks and hear what’s up in third grade. On her desk we found a writing sample which made everything in the whole universe awesome:

“If I were invisible, I would strap a giant bee to my back and crawl around the house all day. Then, I probably would make myself a sandwich.” ~Abigail, Age 8

I’m not sure what all the teacher talked about, because Jon and I were giggling with baffled delight at this daughter. We’ve been through third grade now a combined four times, and Abby is honestly the child I worry least about (maybe I should be worried about that?). She’s a stellar student, she tutors others, she’s in the gifted program, she is a precocious delight; sometimes she’s a little bit serious for a little girl. So to see her write something so utterly whimsical and absurd just made my world better.

In other news, Bean has chosen to play the cello in 5th grade orchestra. For anyone keeping track, that means we have, at practice time in our house: A baritone tuba, highland bagpipes, a bugle, a cello and a piano. Be envious.