Merry Christmas Eve


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Our 2015 Christmas Card photo. Life as it is.

It’s raining hard in the mid-Atlantic; el niño is making itself felt with temperatures in the mid 70s on Christmas eve. I have to admit, it feels more like a California Christmas than it has in the 13 years since I left my home state. It’s disconcerting- but I am so happy to see the west getting desperately needed snow pack and the pictures from my mom of the creek on their property running for the first time in ages.

The humidity and warmth has completely jacked my holiday baking, and after my first batch of baklava wasn’t as pretty as I like, and Jon’s batches of fudge didn’t set up right, we kind of threw our hands up and gave up. “Not this year, then.” was the peaceful resignation. We let the kids decorate the sugar cookies, as is tradition, but then called the game. Not worth the aggravation or frustration.

I love having the kids home from school. We’ve had a lazy few days of doing not much of anything- aided by the endless rain. Abby and I took in a professional performance of the Nutcracker- her first, and mine in many years. Her takeaway was that it would be easier to pay attention if the theater had reclining seats like the movies, and that she felt wiggly and thirsty. Hard to argue.  I admit to finding theater and modern dance more compelling than classical ballet- and this was a very classical production.

Jeffrey has now taught Bean and Abby how to cross stitch, and they are all deeply invested in their respective needleworks. It’s pretty great to look around our house and see them all bowed low over their hoops and Aida cloth, busily stitching away. Jeffrey has an opinion on needle-threaders and particular brands of cloth, and Bean made it all the way through church by working on his embroidery.

My knitting yields this year were less than in previous, high-stress years— only seven pairs of socks. Photos forthcoming, as they are all wrapped under the tree.

We celebrated Star Wars Day (with most of the nerds on the planet) last Friday, and had our tickets in hand for opening night. But first, Star Wars Day dinner… Fresh Tauntaun Stew over Hoth Snow and Degobah Swamp Punch:Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 7.32.24 AM

Now to enjoy my most favorite day of the year… everything is done, the lists are all crossed off, there is nowhere to rush, and nothing left to wrap. There is a broad and gentle day of calm before the chaos and joy of tomorrow. I will enjoy the pregnant peace and love of Christmas Eve, and wish you and yours the same.

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