Of Resolutions…

Well then. Happy New Year wishes are in order…ten days into the new year? Yeah. Clearly my New Years resolutions are out the window already. Alas. Actually, my resolution was to be a “meek, soft-spoke and genteel lady” so speaking of out-the-window…

I’m getting ready to fly to Utah to promote a book I co-edited. It was one of my major projects last year- and it came out right before Christmas. We opted to push promotions to January, when everyone is looking for things to do- et voila! It’s a collection of essays from some brilliant friends and scholars about what it means to build Zion for Mormons now that we don’t drag handcarts across the prairies. If that sounds like good bedtime reading to you, give it a try!

It’s been a while since I did any public speaking, and my kids still laugh that people actually (at least in the past, we’ll see what happens this time) would come to listen to me talk on purpose. I feel a little rusty, but I’m hoping it’s like riding a bike. We’ll be at several bookstores around the Wasatch Front. Jeffrey keeps giggling and mumbling to himself that he has to listen to me all the time. Teenagers are awesome for keeping you humble.

Speaking of…


There is only one kid left who is not a tween/teen yet in this house! We had a great vacation. We spent days in our pajamas, a Lego bomb went off in the basement, we watched movies and ate popcorn, we went the theater, watched the dog grow before our very eyes, and basically just had a relaxing holiday where we didn’t do much of anything important, which is the best holiday, I believe.

I learned how to make donuts! Yes, really. LOOK!


The kids devoured two batches, and asked for more. Reason dictated not.

My knitting needles have been busy this year, and unlike most years, I am still knitting deep into January- and pretty happy about it. I switched to a new brand of wooden needles, and I love how they slide through the yarn.


For New Year’s Eve, we made tamales (don’t you? you should. really. can’t you almost smell the masa?)



We celebrated in Old Town with hot chocolate, love, a rousing game of tag, a ton of laughter, the second-best photo-bomb ever, and some kisses.



All joking aside, I’ve never been big on resolutions, with a capital R, but as I get older, I realize goal-setting, realistic, reachable, forward-thinking, planned, and exciting *goals* are good. I haven’t fully figured out what my goals are for this year- or at least not to the point I am ready to share them. But they are bouncing around in my head, and I am mulling over where and what I hope for for the future of this amazing circus. What I do know is the more I remember to just breathe, to protect the margins for those I love, and then just let go and let them be, the more I can do that… the happier life is.

Happy New Year, everyone! What do you hope for this year? Do you set goals? Resolutions? How good are you at follow-through? And what does that even mean? I’m interested.


7 thoughts on “Of Resolutions…

  1. Hi Tracy! Longtime reader, and Happy New Year to you!

    My resolutions, I’ve resolved, are more successful if they’re not physical (losing weight, although I am actually attempting that, sans the resolution) and are more internal. So this year my resolution or goal is to be more patient and kind. That sounds trite writing it down, but it’s actually true. 🙂

    I also have to ask: where did you get/what brand is your (I’m assuming) tortilla press? I’ve been looking for one to no avail!

  2. HI Christy! It’s Tisa Estrella. I bought it in Spokane when I still lived there, at a Latin American grocery store. It’s cast iron, so it’s really heavy, which I like. This one on amazon is similar, though not glazed. I use parchment or plastic on it to keep it from sticking, whether making tamales or tortillas.


  3. My resolution was to watch more TV. We got Netflix and I was excited! The sad thing is, so far we’ve been too busy for even that! 😦 Time to up my TV game!!!

    I’m also trying to read the Howard W. Hunter manual along with our Sunday lessons. We’ll see how that goes… It’s not as fun as my TV goal.

    And, yes, we’re trying to eat healthier for a bit (that is, Craig and I together. The other resolutions are just mine). It’s not even a long-term goal– we just decided no desserts until Valentine’s Day. Just to try and get out of the bowl-of-ice-cream-every-night habit. (And that milkshake I got on Friday totally didn’t count because that was a BEVERAGE, okay???) Not eating sugar after the kids are in bed makes me grumpy, but so does weighing myself and watching the numbers tick ever higher, so I guess it’s a lose-lose situation there. And with diabetes running wild throughout my family, it’s a good idea to keep tabs on these things. The good news is that just stopping the desserts for a week brought me back to my pre-Christmas weight. So that’s nice, at least.

  4. My dear friend – we need to get better at our scheduling. I depart Utah on Wednesday to go back to Zimbabwe – but would have LOVED to see you here.
    Happy New Year to you and your wonderful family!
    I have to admit my goal for this year is no surgery – seems like such an odd goal, but after the last few years, a worthy goal to say the least.
    Love you!

    • Are you KIDDING ME??!! We are literally going to cross in the air! That sounds like a good goal. ❤

      I got your email, and am sending you the tamale recipe.

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