Yes (now what?!)


I love this picture, taken the other night by my sister-in-law at her house. Jon’s not mansplaining (he doesn’t do that) but for some reason the way this looks tickles me.

I’ve been accepted to my first law school. There are still half a dozen applications pending, so I don’t know what will ultimately shake out as a plan, but the truth is this: I threw my hat in the ring, and have a concrete Yes.

That incandescent “yes”…the smile didn’t leave my face for hours. I smiled at everyone I passed, and if I’d had a hat to throw in the air, I would have. I got a Yes. And it wasn’t just a Yes—it was a yes with very generous scholarship attached.

This amazing thing has happened. It was something I worked hard to do—I studied for months, I took a really hard test (while waiting on gallbladder surgery, woke with pink-eye, the brakes went out on both my car *and* Jeffrey’s car, which I drove to the test—test-day was almost ridiculous in its absurdity) and I did well enough that I not only passed, that a law school has offered me not only a place, but money to attend their program. Achievement unlocked! So why was it easier to accept the hard parts of studying and applying than to accept the reward?

For someone like me, for whom trauma still sometimes surprisingly rears its head, good things happening can be scary. Even acknowledging it being scary is scary. I have a hard time trusting good things, and that sometimes affects…everything?

I think acknowledging the complexity of accumulated experiences is helpful. I’m not telling myself not to feel these feelings, but I *am* telling myself not to get too wrapped up in any one of them. They’re just feelings. They come and go, and I don’t have to amplify my anxieties, nor do I have to minimize my joy.

So this really amazing thing happened—something I wanted and worked hard for. That’s great! This really amazing thing also brings with it decisions, shifts in focus, and potential changes not just for me, but for my family. That’s new and maybe it can feel a little scary, but it’s also okay. I acknowledge I am incredibly fortunate—my husband and kids are fully behind me and are cheering me on, even when I’m afraid.

If I have learned anything over the last two decades, it’s that change is the constant. There is no stasis in life. None. Some changes we choose and welcome, some not. But life is in a constant state of flux and flow, and finding ways to be emotionally okay with that truth is a step towards a meaningful life.

Either way, deep breaths are called for, and required. And if you see me randomly smiling to myself in the clearance racks at Target, it’s not because the jeans were marked down. Well, maybe it’s that, too…

Thanks for coming to my personal pep talk.

14 thoughts on “Yes (now what?!)

  1. I’m so delighted for you. I remember applying to grad school, and I felt like I was on the precipice overlooking a deep valley. Across the valley on the other side, I could see myself walking across the stage and receiving my PhD. But I knew that to get there, I would have to go through the valley that was obscured with trees and obstacles. When you’re going through the valley, remember what’s on the other side. You can do this. I believe in you.

  2. Congratulations Tracy!!! I add my voice as one of the many people who believe in you and know you can do this! You are right, life is not stasis – but sometimes good things do happen! Enjoy!

  3. I’ve been following your journey for a long long time with wonder and admiration. You so deserve the good things coming your way.

  4. So exciting!! Good for you and your brilliant mind! I spent a bunch of time studying for GRE and failed miserably! You are blessed !!! Congrats and follow it! Run with it! 🙂 You got this and so much more. So awesome.

  5. This is so exciting and everything you deserve (even though your brain tells you that you don’t!) keep on smiling 🙂 ❤

  6. This news is wonderful and a breath of fresh, positive air. The Lord will help you figure it out if you really want to. One step at a time!!

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