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Writing keeps me sane. We’re a modern family with five kids and a giant dog. My goal is to have a happy house where creativity and critical thought- mine and theirs- has room to grow, and to not worry too much about the mess. Most days I do okay.

I write for By Common Consent, as well as here. And a few other places too…

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12 thoughts on “Contact Tracy

  1. Dandelion mama

    You’re so very not alone!! I’ve not found the balance… nor has my sister! but i capitulated and decided to train as a Waldorf Steiner Kindergarten teacher!

    My days are filled with making things!! and CHILDREN in a really BiG way!

    Maybe you’d like to explore what there is in the way of parent and child Steiner groups in your part of the world… it’s an amazing experience

    Loved your blog and my comments aren’t in any way an attempt to be SMUG… I’m not! I’m shattered after a week at work and nights awake with my 2yo… but the joy is that I have my 2yo in my kindergarten!

    be joyful… you have beautiful children

  2. Hey I have seen your blog a could of times via Jen at mythbuster.

    I have a quick question: I wasn’t sure if the flickr photos are yours or not. Just seemed different to the contect of your blog.


    Debbie aka The Real World Martha(S)

    • The flicker stream is NOT YOURS EITHER. I know your name and youre in Canada. you need to get off of MY PHONE! Now I know who stole my identity. YOU WONT GET AWAY WITH THIS!

  3. Hi there! I sent you some info on dist, but I couldn’t find the e-mail you gave me : ) so I sent it to the eye of the needle address. If you don’t get it, let me know another e-mail to send it to and I’ll pass it along.

  4. Hello Tracy,
    I wanted to let you know about a blog, MOM NOS, that you might enjoy reading. You may already know about it- but it is such a wonderful account of a single mother’s challenges and triumphs in parenting her ASD son- that I thought it was worthwhile mentioning it. The blog is very rarely updated- but when it is- it is awesome. The current and very recent post is about how the mother handled a very tricky situation with her son at school (first year of middle school.)
    Warmest regards,

  5. I would recommend upping the amount of mustard as my neighbor who goes there every other week said my chicken salad needed more mustard and when he brought home leftovers of his Tao Tao Chicken salad I agreed with him

  6. I made your best freaking lemon bars on earth exactly as written and waited until completely cooled
    before cutting but they had a dark crust on top and didn’t look at all like yours, have any suggestions.

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