Staycation Blues

It looks like I’m not going to get to see my family down in California this summer, and I’m feeling pretty sad. Obviously plane tix are out of the question, and Beanie just cannot handle another 20+ hour drive. Despite any tension with family, I love them terribly much, and the idea of not seeing them makes me really sad. I haven’t told the kids yet- they are used to heading down and seeing family each summer, and I know they’ll be as sad as I am…

Please let things get better soon… Please?

Thread Fraying Fast

Weariness. Stretching hurts. It’s supposed to, right? I mean, that’s how you know things are happening. I’m tired. I want to curl up and be done with all this stretching. Stretching money, stretching time, stretching resources, stretching patience, medication, bills, groceries, and everything else in my life.

It frightens me to say that- I mean, am I tempting fate by acknowledging that I feel like a piece of worn-out underwear elastic?

David has an interview on Friday morning. This may be It- he’s made it through several tiers of hierarchy, and this could be the nail-it interview.

Pray for us, please?

If that’s not your thing, do a sun-dance, burn some incense, pound a cold one, bang your gong, commune with the moon- however you know God, if you could put in a good word for us… We would be ever so grateful.


I mopped my floor today *ducking head*.

I had to- it hadn’t been done in a month, and it was pulling my socks off as I walked. Painting tomorrow…

Oh $#%*!

6:45 this morning:

“Mama! Mama! Mammmmaaaaaaa! I pooped the bed…!” followed by my three year old crying hysterically.

You can guess the rest of the day. Yes, I am living a train-wreck. Watch and be amazed (appalled? fascinated? horrified? dumbfounded? mildly disinterested? whatever.).

Tomorrow was supposed to be the trip away for the weekend…

*sobbing* (really)


Four Elders tonight for dinner, all seated and eating away in my dining room. Cut to me, on the floor in the bathroom with a gigantic container of Clorox wipes, trying to scrub the barf from the wall next to the toilet. Jeffrey has Abby’s bug. Bless his heart, he really tried to make it. He missed.

 We had tacos for dinner.


Sugar Bugs

Jeff has his first (an with any luck, only) cavity. We went to the dentist the other day for routine cleanings, and our marvelous, grandfatherly dentist found a tiny cavity on one of Jeff’s molars, near his gums. Now, neither I nor my my husband had any cavities until we were adults, so pediatric dentistry, other than cleanings and fluoride, is foreign territory.

Dr. Dentist is suggesting we fill the little bugger- since it’s on a tooth Jeff will have until he is in his early teens… but he will eventually lose it. Dr. Dentist also says they usually knock squirrel-y little boys out with some nitrous oxide, too, instead of using Novocaine… And I’m a little nervous about the whole shebang.

Anyone have any experience with this? Anyone else been though this or have anything, pro or con, they’ve experienced with their kids?

On the up-side, Jeff is now paranoid about sugar, and even turned down a piece of candy at lunch the other day, because, in his own words, “The sugar-bugs will get me!”.

GOOD Morning, Sunshine!

Grrrr. Some mornings just shouldn’t happen. Wake up late, with a headache. (Why does this happen sometimes? Why on earth would a person wake, after a good night’s sleep, with a headache. Grrrr….)

Jeffrey forgot to do his homework- rush rushrushrush… do homework, ruffle through handouts I should have looked at last night. He needs $$ for a project at school- ruffle through change jar on DH’s dresser to pilfer proper cash…

Get dressed. GET DRESSED! NOW!

Wake baby up *sob*

In rush to get out the door, catch my pants on the door frame and tear pocket.  Get Abby and Jeff in car, go back inside to grab Beanie, and realize THE DOOR IS LOCKED.

Spend several minutes persuading Beanie it really IS a good idea to let mama in- grab him, self, purse, phone, KEYS and coat and head out the door.

Halfway to school, realize no one has had breakfast. Drive-thru, here we come! All I can think of is Supersize Me- and how atrocious a McMeal is for breakfast- is it really better than nothing? The Monkeys think so…

I can’t reach the Monkeys to give them their “food” from the drivers seat, so I have to pull over and brace myself on the ice and snow to go around, open the back door, and hand out the “food”- at which time Beanie, so excited for his potato crispy-thingamabob, inadvertently dumps his whole jug of milk out on the seat.

Back in the car and on our way. Yeehaw. Get Jeff there in the nick of time (barely) and head for Target. When? When Oh when, will I just give up hope on the Target thing? Long story short, there is a full cart of things I want and need somewhere in the middle of Target, left because Beanie thought hitting me and screaming “Don’t HURT ME, Mama!” was a good idea- even though I wasn’t touching him. Oh, I wanted to hurt him, believe it-!

So, dragging Kicking-Screaming-Boy directly to Jail, not passing GO, not collecting $200, we came home.

I’m going to go cry now.


Mr. Clean, Where ARE You??

We got a call the other day from a friend of a friend who heard from her hairdressers cousins parakeet that we are thinking about selling our house- and when I called her back this morning, she is flying in this afternoon and wants to come take a look-see.

Any guesses how big my laundry pile is? Any guesses how deep the toys are in the playroom? Or how long it’s been since I scrubbed the shower-doors? Uh, yeah, guess what I’m doing today?? I need the Scrubbing Bubbles, Mr Clean and a drill sargeant! Oh, and maybe a gallon of Clorox, too!