22 thoughts on “ART + COMMISSIONS

  1. Tracy, I am not kidding about wanting that tree of life/child of god. I will have some money come June 23rd (fingers crossed). Tell me what you want for it, and it’s yours.

  2. Golly mmiles- I don’t even think I could ship the JOY painting. It’s 4 feet by 4 feet. Yikes!

    Wiz, I’ll get back to you. And, I’ll pray for you too!

  3. Tracy, I shipped a large painting to a friend for Christmas one year. The post office woouldn’t ship it, but UPS did. My painting was 24X36 and if I remember right it was about $60 to ship, I packaged it myself.

  4. We’ve shipped a few of my husband’s paintings (we package them ourselves too, usually with one or more of the mirror boxes). The shipping cost varies not only on the size of the package, but the weight too. We paid between $35-65 depending on those factors, and some of his were rather large as well (4’x6′).

  5. I love the Tree of Life painting too. It brings tears to my eyes. But I know I can’t afford it and have nowhere to put it up. But I wish I could and did. I bet you’re getting lots of orders for these things.

  6. Do you sell prints? I would love a print of the Lighthouse painting to give to my Best Friend. Your paintings are gorgeous and so are your bags! Where are you selling?

    • The Lighthouse picture a specific commission for a woman in Georgia. She told me exactly what she wanted, and that’s what I came up with.

      I can certainly work on something similar for you, if you are interested. We need to chat!

  7. Thank you! The painting at the top is four feet square, and I painted it special for the house I just had to give up. When I moved, I gave it to a good friend of mine- I couldn’t bear to take it with me.

  8. Tracy, you are an absolutely amazing person. I enjoyed your “Sesons & Reasons to Celebrate” so much that I decided to try and track down some of your other works. god has truly blessed you!

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